Anita Baker gives her baby the best that she’s got (Video)

http://www.oreoluwa.com/AnitaBaker/pictures/Anita_and_Baby.html. Date accessed September 4, 2014.

OK, you all know that I’m no celebrity worshipper. And I’m not even big on them being viewed as ‘role models’ for encouraging more Black breastfeeding because I think it is all just another aspect of a complex structure of power  I’ve shared my thoughts about it before. I still feel this way, but the video below featuring Anita Baker was tweeted by @FreetoBF last week during Black Breastfeeding Week and I had to write about it because I just couldn’t help it — I love it too much. You can’t know how serious I am when I tell you that I love Anita Baker. I’m so serious. I love Anita Baker! So much so that I still got love for her even though in 2012 she canceled her show at the very last minute here in Washington, when I was so excited about it and was going to see her. But I’m not bitter. Each time I hear her music it brings back some memory of mine even as far back as my real early teenage years since that is when I really started listening to her. But usually when I hear her it brings up memories of the early 2000s when I lived on the east coast. This is probably because everyone in my social circle couldn’t get enough and we listened to her all of the time, too. Here’s a little story:

When I lived over on that coast, I was taking adult ballet and one time I decided to take a drop-in on a class at a different school on a Saturday morning and take their course for the day. Well, I ended up getting super lost and even missing the whole class, but I do remember that the song ‘Giving You The Best That I Got’ played quite a bit of the time I was in the car. I know I was frustrated, but listening to this probably kept me from being as frustrated as I may have been from driving all around the place all morning (I actually don’t really remember if this is the case — as far as not being as upset as I could have been — I’m just romanticizing this particular moment of the memory). Even though that was some time ago, when I hear this song I am always reminded of being lost that day, LOL. This may change now.

Who knew that she was in a mini documentary about breastfeeding? I think it’s pretty awesome that this one — that looks like it’s from the early 90s, features her talking about giving her baby the ‘best that she’s got’. I think she definitely deserves points for being in a WIC promotional video. It also has other women who discuss their regard for breastfeeding, too, and they all share different stories. I think it is so sweet when Baker says that she loves music and performing but her baby is the biggest and most perfect production she’s ever been involved in.

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