‘b’ is for BREASTFEEDING: A Call For Photos

I am looking for women of African Descent and their supporters to submit photos of themselves while engaged in the act of breastfeeding. It can be any photo you’d like, from the past or a current photo — the time period does not matter. You are also able to send images of someone you know (a family member, for example) so long as you have their permission to do this. Please send images of you feeding your infant by yourself, with a partner, spouse, significant other, or another situation you’d like to incorporate into this project.

My friend, an artist and expert in collage-making, and I have decided to make a collage celebrating women of African descent and our breastfeeding traditions throughout history and up until our current times. The project will be posted to this website, so you can see your contributions of course, and the actual art work will be on display in areas where we work at encouraging more breastfeeding among our community members.

I encourage you to send your name along with a date or approximate date of the image (so you’ll be in the credits, if selected). I also encourage you to share a concise story — no more than one paragraph, detailing the contents of the image for my best attempt to gather and present the collective story through photo elicitation.

Please note: I will NOT accept images copied or suggested from the internet unless you own them!

Disclaimer: By submitting an image to: lactationjourney(at)hotmail(dot)com, you certify that you own or have permission to distribute the image. I am not able to provide any compensation, nor make any guarantees that any particular image will be selected or not selected for the project. You also must be OK knowing your image has the potential to be featured on a blog, website or other type of public display. 

You are beautiful and so is your story. Please share it! And please share this post!

All images are to be addressed to: lactationjourney(at)hotmail(dot)com.

Deadline is April 5, 2012.

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