Big Breasted & Breastfeeding (Video)

What has been your experience with breast size and breastfeeding? I have to be honest that I have never come across anyone who complained about their breast size when they’ve given birth. And it’s not that I haven’t known women who have very large breasts and babies — and who breastfed, but really I’ve only heard many women talk about how they looked forward to the increase pregnancy, childbirth and nursing brings.

This YouTuber talks about the difficulty she faces with being large breasted and trying to feed her son. She says she must take extra care in order to avert milkburn, ensure latching and to make sure her baby doesn’t suffocate because of it. She also gives some practical advice on ways to continue to feed, such as positioning as well. But this video is inspiring because it doesn’t cast a dark cloud on nursing  — because aside from those difficulties, she says there is hope. As someone who is quite chesty myself (40D, to be exact — and that’s when I’m not in denial), I’ve had concerns over my cup size — well, that is when I once upon a time wanted to have children, and dreaded the fact that my breasts would increase.

What have you heard?

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