Black Feminismblog carnival


Black Feminist Blog Carnival
There has been an ongoing misconception about Black Feminism. The experiences unique to those of us who have adopted a Black Feminist framework in order to understand the social atmosphere regarding gender, race, and class, has somehow relegated us to hate our Black male counterparts.

Complete MISrepresentation of Black Feminism

This Blog Carnival is for those who identify as a Black Feminist or Womanist. It is inspired by the countless amount of inaccurate information defaming Black Feminism and its regard to Black male interactions. It’s purpose is to bring together those powerful voices and simply debunk the Black man-hating myth. There are issues dealing with the unquestionable and complex dynamic between these genders, but the fact remains that the quest for social justice is moot if such a ‘man-hating’ stance existed.

Complete MISrepresentation of Black Feminism

Update: With more and more people weighing in, I have posted a few updates to this post. Mostly, I want to let you know that I am well aware of the (raging) ‘gender war’ between Black men and Black women, and understand that many who identify as Black Feminists have had very strong contention and/or outright trauma with Black men. My intention is not to use this space to try and mull over or ignore this crucial area that needs much attention. If anything, perhaps this will continue or open up a new conversation on the topic.

Working to challenge notions like ones in the video above.

 Video: What IS Black Feminism?
There are folks who have produced different bodies of knowledge regarding just who can label themself a Black Feminist. In Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness and the Politics of Empowerment, for example, Patricia Hill Collins explains that in order to be a Black Feminist it requires experiencing life and viewing society through the lens of a Black woman. Others suggest that it is more flexible, allowing anyone who wants to identify as such do so to avoid the exclusion Black women have suffered. I don’t know what theory you subscribe to, but I will not reject your submission, based on how you define yourself. 

WHAT IS A BLOG CARNIVAL? A blog carnival is an online action that aims to utilize the growing power of our combined reach on social media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) to jumpstart – and jump into! – a national conversation. This “Black Feminist” blog carnival will have blog posts ranging from the personal to the political, in a range of mediums, from text to video. I will collect and publish the individual blog posts. The links to all posts will then be gathered into one overarching post that will serve to host and introduce the blog carnival (

HOW TO SUBMIT: Please submit through the link, or you can email it directly to:

PLEASE DO NOT FEEL you need to be a ‘writer’ in order to participate. Whether you consider yourself a ‘seasoned’ professional, or not, your voice counts! Please bring your honest perspective, and you are welcome to be as personal, conservative or as politically-charged as you’d like.


  • Your  post! Can be previously published work, and there are no restrictions on length. You are welcome to use whichever format you’d like in order to convey your message, i.e. creative fiction article, poem, YouTube video, etc. Please note: If you insert a YouTube video in leu of a full-length post, please include a paragraph or two explaining the key points of your video. This will be inserted into the post (here’s an example). Please also include the url to your video. 
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TIMELINE: This carnival will be hosted here on the Lactation Journey Blog, and posts will be published on Thursday, May 9th 16th, but you are welcome to submit yours as soon as you’d like.

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If you have any other comments, concerns, thoughts or questions at all, just ask!

Deadline for submissions is Thursday, May 2, 2013! Thursday May, 9th, 2013! 

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