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Book Review + Giveaway :: This Milk Tastes Good! A Breastfeeding Nursery Rhyme (Closed)

‘This Milk Tastes Good! A Breastfeeding Nursery Rhyme’. JhaZamora’s Publishing, 2012.

If there’s anything better than reading a children’s book centered around breastfeeding, it’s reading a children’s book centered around breastfeeding with a family Of Color. The awesomeness that is this newly released This Milk Tastes Good, authored by Chenniah Patrick and illustrated by her husband, who are both founders of JhaZamoraS Publishing. Chenniah, whose milk is the focus of the little baby girl protagonist in the text, as it draws upon the experience of nursing her child — or more specifically, a nursery rhyme that was created from her own breastfeeding experience which inevitably created a “bonding experience she had not anticipated.” This Milk Tastes Good is from the baby’s perspective — based on what his descriptions are based on what her mama eats, as Chenniah informs readers it not an implication that breastmilk drastically changes in flavor, but for the child to “connect breast milk with healthy foods.”

I won’t deny that I was more excited about receiving this book than many others I’ve read and reviewed. In fact, I was excited even before I learned this would be on my website, and before it showed up in the mail. This Milk Tastes Good took me back and reminded me of my little sister’s baby days, and my mom — I think she ate strawberries, which turned her milk pink. I’m not sure if it was strawberry-flavored, but I’m certain just like this baby, my little sister thought it did taste good!

Had I purchased this text, one drawback I feel is the price. $15.99 for a short paperback is pricey, but books focusing on the breastfeeding experience of Black babies and families, are rare, so it does makes it priceless. The only other missing element is the tune to this nursery rhyme. How do we sing it? How does it sound? But even with that missing this is still a text I am thankful to have, and am especially thankful I had the opportunity to review it.

The author of This Milk Tastes Good, singing the nursery rhyme.

Thank you, JhaZamoraS Publishing, LLC, for providing a copy of This Milk Tastes Good: A Breastmilk Nursery Rhyme, for this review, and I have an additional copy for giveaway. At this time, this giveaway is open only to participants in the United States due to shipping issues.  Leave a comment on this post by Saturday and it will count as your entry. All names will be entered with a winner selected at random via, and announced in next week’s blog post. Leave your email address with your comment: yourname(at)emailserver{dot}com, net, etc. Winner must respond within 24 hours, or another will be selected.

Author: Chenniah Patrick

Year: 2012
Paperback: 15.99
Pages: 25
Genre: Children’s
ISBN: 9-780985110703
Note: All opinions are my own and honest, and I am not compensated by the publisher!
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