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Book Review :: Raw Food Cleanse: Restore Health and Lose Weight by Eating Delicious, All-Natural Foods — Instead of Starving Yourself

Raw Food CLEANSE is written by Penni Shelton, who presents four ways to detox our bodies — a 3-day energy boost, 7-day rejuvination, 14-day deep detox, and a 28-day total reset cleanse, and provides tips for ridding your body of environmental pollutants in a world with increasing industrialization, food processing and other harmful substances.

I’m not a big fan of a raw food vegan diet as a lifestyle choice. In fact, I don’ t support it at all. However,  I do believe it can offer benefits for short-term uses — like a body detox, for example. I had been wanting to do a cleanse and have looked around online and on YouTube for places to start — for recipes and for reviews, and although most of what I came across explained the ways to go about detoxing, these usually required practicing the method for nearly one month and removing all food. Well, I’m not too keen on the idea of skipping meals, so when the words ‘detox,’ ‘health,’ ‘delicious,’ and “instead of starving yourself” were all in the same sentence on the cover of this book, of course this caught my eye.

I found that reading Penny Shelton’s book was pretty easy and straight to the point, and did not require an extensive knowledge of nutrition. It also did not require me to ask many questions of my best friend/sister — a nutritionist and personal trainer, who I frequently call when something on either topic is unclear. The recipes also sound appetizing and filling, which was a big concern of mine — and there were even a few cooked ones, which I believe is nice for those of us not completely used to raw food ways. And even though I also appreciated the section towards the end that provided a more holistic look at health and wellness — physical, mental, spiritual and emotional, along with more areas to examine, that are undoubtedly needed to address ways to be healthy, it is this same reasons I feel it would have been nice to see an expansion on this in the other chapters — or to take a more extensive look at how these are all connected in ridding ourselves of toxins and staying detoxed.

Not that I’m unwilling to try other methods that require liquids only (at least for a short time), but Raw Food CLEANSE resonates with me. It was really nice to see the ways the foods put here for us can and do offer a way to cleanse our systems, when many other outlets insist we steer clear in order to feel our best. And since I had never gone on a cleanse before, I decided I would take the author’s advice and begin with the 3-day energy cleanse, that will allow to “learn how your body will react.”

Author: Penni Shelton
Publisher: Ulysses Press
Year: 2010
Paperback: 12.95
Genre: Vegan/Cleanse
Pages: 244
ISBN: 9-781569757420
Thank you, Ulysses Press, for providing a copy of Raw Food Cleanse: Restore Health and Lose Weight By Eating Delicious, All-Natural Foods  Instead of Starving Yourself, for this review.
Note: All opinions are my own and honest, and I am not compensated by the publisher!

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