Breastfeeding and Anti-Racism? Yes, please!

I just joined an anti-racism committee, organized by the Breastfeeding Coalition of Washington. I was sent some information along with an invitation to join this group, whose primary goal is to “Learn about and look at how privilege and institutionalized racism impact breastfeeding promotion, support in hospitals, primary care, worksites and within our own coalition, and determine how we can incorporate equity issues into the work we are already doing.” Needless to say there wasn’t much hesitation on my part to accept the offer.

More and more as I continue to venture on this lactation journey, the reasons the universe drew me here are becoming more and more clear. It is wonderful to see people committed to social justice work, and to know there are those out there who want to have a hand at proactively engaging in discourse to find ways to end racism and the damaging effects it causes in breastfeeding outcomes. I’m happy to be doing the work that I do. And I’m thrilled that when people think of anti-racism, justice and equality I come to mind.

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