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Breastfeeding and Feminism at the UNC

I just learned that the University of North Carolina at Greenboro just issued a Call for papers and Save The Date for their 7th Annual Breastfeeding and Feminism Conference in March of next year — and my eyes lit up!

For a moment I thought of submitting and abstract until I saw that the presentations are for only 15 minutes each, and flying across the country to give a 15 minute presentation? Of course I could always visit my bestie, who lives just up north while I was there and that would make the trip worth it. I’m thinking about it. Of course this sounds funny after my last post talking about all of my insecurities and nervousness about presenting at the ILCA’s Annual Meeting if chosen, so this is a bit funny. But I will give this some thought because breastfeeding and feminism is right up my alley, and of course I’ll keep you up to date on what happens.

What about you? Would you give any thought on speaking at this event? What would you talk about?

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