Breastfeeding Basics and More (Videos)

Our bodies are perfectly designed, regardless of how we may sometimes feel about them or what society may say! “God would not make something knowing it’s not gonna work!” I understand people have different beliefs, and I also know there are complications that pose real difficulties, but I’d have to agree that that was one of the most encouraging lines from this video, and each time I come across ones like these, I am more and more grateful for YouTube.

This inspiring mother of four gives some basic information on breastfeeding using her experiences, and she discusses everything from breast size to feeding positions, to allowing the baby to eat until the baby is done — and I especially like her method of measuring how much her infant eats during feedings. And in addition to all of the wonderful information, her hair is amazing!! Really! If you don’t believe me, check out her other video and see for yourself!

What else would you add to breastfeeding basics?

Breastfeeding Basics & More Part 1
Part 2                                                      Part 3

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