After some research on birth and midwifery and posting last week, I thought it would be nice to have a resource page dedicated exclusively to breastfeeding. Like Black birth and midwifery I have gathered information from sites, but the only difference with this post is I know much more about this subject. These links focus largley on a more practical aspect of breastfeeding, though I’m sure if you’re looking for more of a historical, political and theoretical perspective it definitely doesn’t hurt to start here and continue digging.

The “Sites I Visit” are ones I usually frequent — or have been subscribed to for longer, either through email or a networking site. I also found other advocacy groups and coalitions across the country, and listed the state to make it as easy as possible to find resources. Be sure to tell me what I’m missing by leaving a link to your organization or one you know of in the comments below. Check back often for updates, and leave a link to your site in the comments below.

  • Sites I visit

Black 360 Breasstfeeding, NY (?)
Black Mother’s Breastfeeding Association, MI
Breastfeeding Coalition of Washington, WA
Black Women Do Breastfeed
Free To Breastfeed: Voices From Black Mothers
Indiana Black Breastfeeding Coalition, IN
It’s Better At Home
Native American Breastfeeding Coalition of Washington, WA
Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere (ROSE), GA
Support Table For Two, GA

  • Videos

Male Breastfeeding Support

  • Other Breastfeeding Sites

African American Breastfeeding Network, WI
Cree Breastfeeding,
Indian Health Service Maternal Child Health Department Breastfeeding Wesbstie
Lactancia Materna
La Leche League International
Mother-Rites, WA
Native Breastfeeding Council
Tiny Babies Foundation, GA
Soy Lactivista,

  • Local, state and National Coalitions

Navajo Nation Breastfeeding Coalition, AZ

  • Additional links and interesting articles

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