The ‘Respectable’ Black Midwife vs The Respected Black Midwife

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I wanted to highlight something about imagery, history and Black midwives that I think is crucial, since I’ve been seeing more and more people talk about them in places I wouldn’t necessarily expect — which is great! I came across a few items online that honored their legacy. In particular they discussed their significance and […]

Will I become a certified #doula, after all?

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Since I took the ICTC doula training at the end of 2012 I’ve worked to complete the list that you see, in order to work towards certification. I’ve been able to check off several items, but in the past number of months (or more) it has not changed. As you’d probably imagine being a full-time graduate student (and TA) I’ve […]

What I’m Reading :: Birthing A Slave: Motherhood and Medicine in the Antebellum South (Video)

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OK, that title is kind of an exaggeration. I’m not necessarily ‘reading’ it at this particular moment, but the brand new copy of Birthing A Slave: Motherhood and Medicine in the Antebellum South that I ordered just showed up in the mail yesterday! And I anticipate this to be one heck of an incredibly insightful and eye-opening […]

What I’m Reading :: LITTLE BLACK BREASTFEEDING BOOK: Maternal Experience of Breastfeeding

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Let me rephrase that to what I briefly started reading but had to put down because of schoolwork, but what I’m excited to continue reading as soon as the quarter ends in a few days! I’m so happy I have mastered google searching (well, kinda) or I may have not found this because even there I think it […]

What I’m Reading :: Family Secrets: Risking Reproduction in Central Mozambique

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Tomorrow, I’m going to begin reading Family Secrets: Risking Reproduction in Central Mozambique. I’m getting a head-start on my class coursework (school starts in just over two weeks). But even if that weren’t part of the equation I’d still be looking forward to this one. Family Secrets is the ethnography of Dr. Rachel Chapman, a University of Washington […]

Mama Midwife: A Birth Adventure :: Book Review (Update) + Giveaway! (Closed)

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Can you think of many other awesome things happening than an author revising a book, based on feedback from readers (besides a collective effort of humankind to improve the global conditions by dismantling institutional racism, patriarchy, ending war, abolishing the death penalty, and all other systems of injustice, — a lengthy list of other things I […]

Book Review :: Mama Midwife A Birth Adventure

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What an anti-racist and social justice activist who constantly deals with stressors of social issues and inequality relishes, are moments like these when we receive children’s books such as Mama Midwife, to review. Mama Midwife, A Birth Adventure, is a self-published text by California resident, Christy Tyner, mother of two, whose children’s playtime activity sometimes includes […]

Book Review :: The Doula Guide To Birth: Secrets Every Pregnant Woman Should Know #DoulaProgression

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There is a growing trend in women who are electing to have a doula (doo-luh) — a “woman servant,” present at her birth, and many others who believe no woman should be without these assistants, so it is not surprising that more and more written work on the profession and how doulas can be helpful, […]

I LOVE BEING A (RADICAL) DOULA: Radical Doula Profiles – Me!

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I’M OFFICIALLY A RADICAL DOULA! The Radical Doula has a series that profiles those who identify with the term. Even though I’m a brand spanking newbie here on the birth scene, and for a longest time even refused to label myself a ‘radical,’ I couldn’t escape the inevitable, so I submitted my Info. Here’s an excerpt […]