Keep Calm And Read :: Birth and Reproduction Texts by Black Women Anthropologists (Video)

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I recently updated my bookshelf with texts I’m currently reading, plan on reading, what I recommend, and I even put a few that are on my wishlist from on the page. I just finished The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks — about a woman I think every living soul should learn about because we have all been […]

Book Review :: Motherwit: An Alabama Midwife’s Story: Onnie Lee Logan as told by Katherine Clark

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In 1984, Onnie Lee Logan gives the oral account of her life of nearly 40 years as a traditional midwife, to an Alabama University English professor named Katherine Clark. Thankfully, for anyone who is interested in learning about the historical account of a woman whose family lived a relatively comfortable economic life despite others around them, […]

Book Review :: In the Way of Our Grandmothers: A Cultural View of Twentieth-Century Midwifery in Florida

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To capture the stories of traditional midwives in Florida State, from 1981-1984, Debra Anne Susie conducted interviews with the last generation of lay midwives who were all affected by the intervention of the state, which outlawed the practice. In The Way of Our Grandmothers: A Cultural View of Twentieth-Century Midwifery in Florida, highlights the stories […]

#DoulaProgression Reading Checklist :: ‘Motherwit’, ‘The Doula Guide’ and ‘The Radical Doula Guide’

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I finished compiling the list of books I’ve chosen to read and submit as book reports for Doula Certification — and found an extra along the way.       Part of the requirements for certification is that we choose five texts from the list offered at training and complete book reports. In addition to the […]

I LOVE BEING A DOULA (Deep down in my soul): A Reflection on ICTC’s Full Circle Doula Birth Companion Training

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I’m a doula! Well, until I complete all of the requirements outlined in the program to become certified I’m just a provisional doula. But I’m still a doula. Over the weekend I completed the ICTC (International Center for Traditional Childbearing) Full Circle Doula Training, in Portland, OR, and not only was I introduced to important and […]

Word(less words) Wednesday: The modern maternal-infant care Mammy

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I think this caught my eye because just the other day I read an article that dealt with students at a local school and it made me think of Mammy. This school, trying to gauge how the students felt about the current racial atmosphere and attempting to find ways to make the campus more inclusive, […]

Don’t Know Much About (Birth) History. Don’t Know Much #Midwifery (Video)

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The other day someone asked me for information about birth — for books or other types of references on midwifery, and how Black women experienced this in past generations. Not surprisingly I didn’t know much, and had it not been for a local midwife I’ve met on a few occasions, who appears in the video below […]