What I’m Reading (And Reading, And Crying To) :: #FreeToBreastfeed: Voices of Black Mothers

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I remember the call for papers for ‘Free to Breastfeed,’  — when the editors Jeanie and Anayah first began compiling it a couple of years back — this anthology of Black women who breastfeed. I also had the pleasure of meeting Anayah at a breastfeeding summit last summer here in Seattle, and asked how it was coming along. Now, […]

On MOTHER’S DAY — How Many Black Lesbian Mothers Do You Know?

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To be honest with you I only know a few. And maybe it’s a coincidence that on Mother’s Day I happen to be writing a paper and on the section where I’m discussing Black LGBT ethnography and ethnographers and Black lesbian mothers. I’ve been reading through Mignon Moore’s book Invisible Families: Gay Identities, Relationships and Motherhood among […]

What I’m Reading (AND Writing) :: The History of #Anthropology — African Diaspora Trajectories

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Seriously, what am I not reading? I had to sign up for a History of Anthropology course for this quarter. It was a requirement and one of the core classes we are to take in this program. The bad thing is that not much really changes, with sitting around hearing about a lot of racist white men […]

What I’m Reading :: ‘all about love: New Visions’ — And wondering about ‘going hard’ for Black Women, Making an extra effort to love, and knowing when to let go

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I don’t know if I’ve been all that great. I’ve been upset by some things that have gone on. What I’ve read on blogs and elsewhere and heard from others about being a Black woman in certain academic settings has for me, over the past months, come into full view. It makes me wonder what all is […]

A is for ACTIVIST, ‘B’ is for ‘BLACK WOMAN BREASTFEEDING in an anti-racist, politically engaging radical children’s book’!

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And ‘OMG’ is for ‘I can’t believe how many people have an issue with this author’s perspective!’ The last time I was up in Canada, my friend gave me a crisp 100 Canadian dollar bill right before I left, because she said she had had trouble purchasing texts online from Amazon, and wondered if I wouldn’t mind […]

What I’m Reading :: Black lesbians don’t breastfeed!! — in ‘invisible families: Gay Identities, Relationships, And Motherhood Among Black Women,’ that is! (Video)

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To be fair, I haven’t read this text yet. But I have done a pretty decent skim on parts of it and of course, when I first heard about it a few weeks ago via my Black Feminist Sociologist professor for the Black LGBTQ Breastfeeding independent study I’m taking, I swiftly checked it out from the library, […]

What I’m (Planning On) Reading :: Do Black Lesbians Breastfeed?

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I just signed up to take an independent study on Black lesbians. And I’m so super excited about it!  You all know that a few months back I posted an inquiry about Black LGBTQ breastfeeders and Black LGBTQ breastfeeding supporters to ‘Come Out’ — meaning, I have been wondering and questioning why there is such an invisibility among […]

What I’m Reading :: Birthing A Slave: Motherhood and Medicine in the Antebellum South (Video)

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OK, that title is kind of an exaggeration. I’m not necessarily ‘reading’ it at this particular moment, but the brand new copy of Birthing A Slave: Motherhood and Medicine in the Antebellum South that I ordered just showed up in the mail yesterday! And I anticipate this to be one heck of an incredibly insightful and eye-opening […]

What I’m Reading :: LITTLE BLACK BREASTFEEDING BOOK: Maternal Experience of Breastfeeding

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Let me rephrase that to what I briefly started reading but had to put down because of schoolwork, but what I’m excited to continue reading as soon as the quarter ends in a few days! I’m so happy I have mastered google searching (well, kinda) or I may have not found this because even there I think it […]