Word(less words) Wednesday: Pictures Prospective Students Take #1! #WhyIDigAnthropology #YESHomo

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I snapped the picture below, from it’s original place — on a door in the Anthropology Department, while I was visiting school last week, since I think there are so many awesome things about it. I think it paints a pretty good portrayal of Homo neanderthalensis, which, although there is a large debate, is said to be a […]

Is Breastfeeding While Teaching Inappropriate?

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I’d been thinking about the recent uproar over the nursing anthropology professor at American University. It’s hard not to; the story is plastered over just about every media outlet that is and is not related to breastfeeding. I also listened to a short conversation on the NPR show Tell Me More, where three women along with the host, gave their […]

Word(less words) Wednesday: A (Cross-Cultural) Constellation of Madonnas

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After the previous Madonna With Twins post my curiosity was piqued about others, and after I started composing this ‘Wordless Wednesday’ article, couldn’t help but weigh in a bit. It took minimal searching to find a number of ‘Madonna and Child’ images that were close to the original artwork but I’ve been more interested in […]

Why Didn’t YOU Breastfeed?: Getting Past ‘Excuse-Like’ Excuses

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I recently realized something. More often than not when I find myself in conversations with women about feeding their children — mostly on how they fed, I get very different reactions. Now it is normal to receive different reactions since everyone’s story is different, but what I’ve noticed is when a woman says she has […]