Will I become a certified #doula, after all?

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Since I took the ICTC doula training at the end of 2012 I’ve worked to complete the list that you see, in order to work towards certification. I’ve been able to check off several items, but in the past number of months (or more) it has not changed. As you’d probably imagine being a full-time graduate student (and TA) I’ve […]

Another ‘✔’ For #DoulaProgression, Celebrating My Blogaversary, and Taking Time Off!

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Yesterday I signed up for awesome online childbirth education classes, through Community Birth Companion. They are a series of birth courses, instructed by Divine IzEarth. The first class on labor starts Tuesday night, and the others focusing on nutrition, stages of labor, signs of labor and postpartum all run through the month of July. I marked off […]

Keepin’ It REAL: There’s Power (and life) In The (un)Romanticized Breastfeeding Tradition + #DoulaProgression

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At the end of May I traveled up north to Xwlil’xhwm, to help a friend with her baby. Xwlil’xhwm is the pre-colonial name for Bowen Island, British Columbia, a city just outside of Vancouver, in Canada. Even though the reasons I was there weren’t the greatest (my friend has ruptured discs in her back and literally […]

Book Review :: The Doula Guide To Birth: Secrets Every Pregnant Woman Should Know #DoulaProgression

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There is a growing trend in women who are electing to have a doula (doo-luh) — a “woman servant,” present at her birth, and many others who believe no woman should be without these assistants, so it is not surprising that more and more written work on the profession and how doulas can be helpful, […]

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Acquanda + Women’s History Month + Wombanist Views Radio

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If you missed the Wombanist Views Radio Show today, I’ve embedded it below. How awesome it was to be invited to be a guest during Women’s History Month, to discuss the “efforts in breastfeeding advocacy and the cultural implications and why it is an important health concern.” Whenever I’m involved in any type of public […]

I LOVE BEING A (RADICAL) DOULA: Radical Doula Profiles – Me!

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I’M OFFICIALLY A RADICAL DOULA! The Radical Doula has a series that profiles those who identify with the term. Even though I’m a brand spanking newbie here on the birth scene, and for a longest time even refused to label myself a ‘radical,’ I couldn’t escape the inevitable, so I submitted my Info. Here’s an excerpt […]

Book Review :: Motherwit: An Alabama Midwife’s Story: Onnie Lee Logan as told by Katherine Clark

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In 1984, Onnie Lee Logan gives the oral account of her life of nearly 40 years as a traditional midwife, to an Alabama University English professor named Katherine Clark. Thankfully, for anyone who is interested in learning about the historical account of a woman whose family lived a relatively comfortable economic life despite others around them, […]

Book Review :: In the Way of Our Grandmothers: A Cultural View of Twentieth-Century Midwifery in Florida

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To capture the stories of traditional midwives in Florida State, from 1981-1984, Debra Anne Susie conducted interviews with the last generation of lay midwives who were all affected by the intervention of the state, which outlawed the practice. In The Way of Our Grandmothers: A Cultural View of Twentieth-Century Midwifery in Florida, highlights the stories […]

#DoulaProgression Reading Checklist :: ‘Motherwit’, ‘The Doula Guide’ and ‘The Radical Doula Guide’

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I finished compiling the list of books I’ve chosen to read and submit as book reports for Doula Certification — and found an extra along the way.       Part of the requirements for certification is that we choose five texts from the list offered at training and complete book reports. In addition to the […]