What I’m Reading (AND Writing) :: The History of #Anthropology — African Diaspora Trajectories

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Seriously, what am I not reading? I had to sign up for a History of Anthropology course for this quarter. It was a requirement and one of the core classes we are to take in this program. The bad thing is that not much really changes, with sitting around hearing about a lot of racist white men […]

BLACK BREASTFEEDING AND THE UNCONSCIOUS MIND: Do our women hold the answers to our own ‘gaps’?

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Below is a paper I wrote for my anth theory class. The assignment was to conduct a short ethnography making some connection with a reading we had done over the quarter. As you will see I chose to focus on Sigmund Freud and examining the mind because of a conversation I had with a woman […]

What I’m (Planning On) Reading :: Do Black Lesbians Breastfeed?

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I just signed up to take an independent study on Black lesbians. And I’m so super excited about it!  You all know that a few months back I posted an inquiry about Black LGBTQ breastfeeders and Black LGBTQ breastfeeding supporters to ‘Come Out’ — meaning, I have been wondering and questioning why there is such an invisibility among […]

Everybody knows about Mississippi? G*ddamn! #SomebodySayAPrayer

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I was finishing-up a fellowship proposal for my program at school last week, when I had to do some quick research. I needed a few facts and figures from the Center for Disease Control to input into my proposal, so I went to the 2012 Breastfeeding Report Card, which lists the ‘reports’ of breastfeeding for […]

That moment — when anthropologist and breastfeeding advocate Kathy Dettwyler Skypes with your class

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When I was up in Canada earlier this year, I was contacted through this blog by Katherine Dettwyler — who has studied infant nutrition and around the world, and who has focused a large portion of her work on breastfeeding, working with various breastfeeding advocacy groups and organization across the country and around the world. […]

What I’m Reading :: #Anthropology and the Politics of Reproduction (Video)

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I just wanted to check in quickly and share a reading list from one of my classes. School is going well, and I am definitely being challenged — especially in my theory course — I’ve always had a difficult time wrapping my mind around some of the things these ‘DWM’ ( Dead White Men) are saying. […]

Acquanda S.: SUPER Radical Black Feminist, decidedly unapologetic breastfeeding junkie, sociocultural anthropology PhD student

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I had been thinking about something I’d heard a while back and it almost made me laugh. One in particular was when I finished undergrad, I remember being told that I ‘Came back a radical!’ I heard this from more than one person — that I went away to school and when I came back […]

What I’m Reading :: Family Secrets: Risking Reproduction in Central Mozambique

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Tomorrow, I’m going to begin reading Family Secrets: Risking Reproduction in Central Mozambique. I’m getting a head-start on my class coursework (school starts in just over two weeks). But even if that weren’t part of the equation I’d still be looking forward to this one. Family Secrets is the ethnography of Dr. Rachel Chapman, a University of Washington […]

School official refuses to dismantle white supremacist breastfeeding curriculum

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Think back to last year and the ‘white breastfeeding policy.’ Do you recall when I enrolled in the PEBL (Professional Education in Breastfeeding and Lactation) course, in order to obtain a Certified Lactation Educator Certificate (CLE)? Do you recall how excited I was before class began, an enthusiasm that quickly diminished on the first day, when it […]

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Acquanda + Women’s History Month + Wombanist Views Radio

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If you missed the Wombanist Views Radio Show today, I’ve embedded it below. How awesome it was to be invited to be a guest during Women’s History Month, to discuss the “efforts in breastfeeding advocacy and the cultural implications and why it is an important health concern.” Whenever I’m involved in any type of public […]