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Happy World Breastfeeding Week, and Breastfeeding Awareness Month!! This year’s theme is Breastfeeding Support: Close to Mothers, and highlights peer counselors — who have done fabulous work. I’m looking around and I see so many advocates celebrating this time of year in their own unique way. Many times, I still CANNOT BELIEVE this is the work I […]

Mama Midwife: A Birth Adventure :: Book Review (Update) + Giveaway! (Closed)

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Can you think of many other awesome things happening than an author revising a book, based on feedback from readers (besides a collective effort of humankind to improve the global conditions by dismantling institutional racism, patriarchy, ending war, abolishing the death penalty, and all other systems of injustice, — a lengthy list of other things I […]

Word(less words) Wednesday: A Giveaway! (Closed)

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If you follow me on Twitter, then you’ll know that a few weeks ago I said because I’m insanely busy right now (I’ll let on to what’s happening soon enough:)) I wasn’t going to post anymore until sometime next month — late next month — maybe even early next year. Ya…. about that.The bumper sticker […]

Book Review + Giveaway :: This Milk Tastes Good! A Breastfeeding Nursery Rhyme (Closed)

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If there’s anything better than reading a children’s book centered around breastfeeding, it’s reading a children’s book centered around breastfeeding with a family Of Color. The awesomeness that is this newly released This Milk Tastes Good, authored by Chenniah Patrick and illustrated by her husband, who are both founders of JhaZamoraS Publishing. Chenniah, whose milk is […]

Book Review + Giveaway :: Ladder to the Moon (Closed)

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 Ladder to the Moon is written by Maya Soetoro-Ng, who is President Barack Obama’s sister, mother of Suhalia, and daughter of the late Stanley Anne Dunham, the last two who are both main figures in the text. Ladder to the Moon is a book a bout questions, answers, and also about closure. Grandma Annie and Suhalia […]

Book Review + Giveaway :: ANOTHER KIND OF PUBLIC EDUCATION: Race, Schools, the Media, and Democratic Possibliities (Closed)

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What does democracy mean to you? Dr. Patricia Hill Collins uses her critical consciousness and sociological imagination to bring us another illuminating text. ANOTHER KIND OF PUBLIC EDUCATION: Race, Schools, the Media, and Democratic Possibilities, is Dr. Collins’s most recent work, written in 2009, and  examines the meaning of democracy, and shows us the way education can have the greatest impact, […]

Consultant Courses: Medical Terminology and Abbreviations = Done! + Winner

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I took the Medical Terminology and Abbreviations course online on Sunday. Go me! So  that means one general education course is completed! Yeah! The course is offered online by the University of North Carolina Center for Public Health and it’s free! I have to be honest that hearing all of the medical terms and the […]

Book Review + Giveaway :: TAINTED MILK: breastmilk, feminisms, and the politics of environmental degradation (Closed)

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TAINTED MILK: breastmilk, feminisms, and the politics of environmental degradation by Maia Boswell-Penc takes a conscious-raising look at environmental pollution and breastmilk,  and its effect at a national and global level. It examines the politics behind infant nourishment, and looks at why the issue of contamination is repeatedly disregarded by those organizations and groups who would […]