Why I’m just no fan(a.t.t.i.c) of the whole celebrity nursing in public thing

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Someone recently reminded me of a post on here and my views from a couple years back, about why I didn’t celebrate the attention Beyonce received for nursing in public. I didn’t agree, like many others did, that it would really get Black people anywhere — as far as getting more Black women to breastfeed and allowing us to move […]

Why Karlesha Thurman’s graduation picture is so dangerous to the racist and sexist American society

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  Over the past few days I’ve had a few people send me the link to this story about the ‘controversy’ about a mother breastfeeding at her graduation. The first time I saw it, when I clicked to open it I literally had to calm myself down because I felt like I was almost hyperventilating. […]

Is Breastfeeding While Teaching Inappropriate?

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I’d been thinking about the recent uproar over the nursing anthropology professor at American University. It’s hard not to; the story is plastered over just about every media outlet that is and is not related to breastfeeding. I also listened to a short conversation on the NPR show Tell Me More, where three women along with the host, gave their […]

Under Patriarchy, Breast Feeding is Nasty and Vulgar (Video)

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If you missed church on Sunday, not to worry. The reverend angelsnupnup72012 has brought the service from the comfort of his home to yours. Actually, this is not a reverend who is preaching, nor is this church but it is a much needed voice on de-stigmatizing breastfeeding, and he did bring it — “it” being […]

Gay men, social control, anthropology and nursing in public. What do these all have in common?

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It never would have crossed my mind that trying to raise awareness around breastfeeding by calling into an internet radio talk show, would turn into an hot zone for confrontation — or that it would be a place where I’d find myself being called a ‘dyke’ or ‘ho’ in the middle of just about every […]

Whitney Houston, and Famous Breastfeeding Women: Everybody Searching for a Hero (Video)

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When the world heard the devastating news of Whitney Houston’s death a few short weeks ago, our ears perked and eyes widened as we dug deep into our mental reserve to reminisced on anything we could that would lend memory about the singer. My mind rummaged through memories from Jr. High, and conjured up images […]

the Milk truck: A Mobile Breastfeeding Unit. . Forward-moving or Moving Backwards?

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The Seattle Breastfeeding Examiner recently published an article titled Would You Like A Mobile Breastfeeding Vehicle On Call In Seattle? — a write-up about a breastfeeding truck that will soon be rolling around the streets of Pittsburgh, PA. The truck’s founder, Jill Miller, explains it as a “Mobile breastfeeding unit that enables women to feed their […]