Only when Black people stop whooping their kids, can we really talk breastfeeding benefits

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The text from the image above reads: Dear Black People: one factor contributing to our lower life expectancy rates is whupping children. Hitting a child floods the body with stress chemicals that alter the DNA, weakens the immune system, shortens & frays the telomeres which causes cellualr aging and death. I first came across Dr. […]


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If you missed the previous post, then I’m just sharing that we still have a ton of breastfeeding buttons left! We made these during breastfeeding month to celebrate the miraculous, life-saving benefits of human milk, and know they’re helpful in getting the word across at anytime, but especially while we’re all masked-up. The first one […]

Don’t compare Black women’s breastfeeding to white women’s. In fact, don’t compare Black women to anyone

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[Note]: If you are here to order breastfeeding buttons only, then scroll to the end of this post. A little while ago, I wrote a post on here about my frustrations with how I’ve seen many breastfeeding advocates and even healthcare officials and researchers place white women at the center of the desired outcomes for […]

How I got SCAMMED into buying infant formula while in England

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I don’t really consider myself someone who is easily duped. In fact, the opposite is true. It’s not only because I’m pretty suspicious and skeptical of nearly everything. But I feel I’m quite connected with my gut, pretty discerning and have fairly sound judgment. But because my whole life has revolved around infant feeding I clearly […]


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I’ve had a number of folks contact me regarding the Decolonizing Breastfeeding in Communities of Color webinar I gave a number of months ago — so, I’m giving it again. I’ve added a bit of information from the last one, if you attended that, so it will be more exciting, of course while remaining situated […]

Measuring Black breastfeeding with a white stick?: Why I’m intentional in leaving white women out!

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  I figured out what about Black breastfeeding, has been bugging me for so long. Well I recognized this before, but now it’s to the point where it actually — more than just ‘bugs’ me — it’s troublesome and makes me ill. It’s the consistent way Black women are ranked against white women when it comes […]

Is ‘Right Now’ just too soon to truly change breastfeeding culture?

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Over the past while I’ve really been thinking about what it means to truly change breastfeeding culture. More specifically, I’ve had thoughts on what it mean that so many promotions want changes in breastfeeding culture to usually happen right away. I often times come across, as well as, hear about statistics on who’s getting a […]