What I’m Reading :: It’s definitely not my ‘unsettling’ interview on another website!

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Nearly six weeks ago I was asked if I’d be willing to participate in an interview for another breastfeeding website. This all happened as a result of that IBCLC doing more harm than good article and all of the defensiveness it received. Well, stemming from that a woman contacted me through my site and told me that my blog […]

Should I close the Anti Breast Is Best Shop?: Examining the greater consequences of critiquing social injustice

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Maybe you know or you do not know that at least two years ago I opened up a Zazzle store online that I eventually termed the ‘Anti Breast Is Best Shop’. It happened as a result of being a bit (or more) irritated with the ‘fluff’ around breastfeeding and how injustice was overlooked — Why were the reasons that caused these […]

Who encourages you? Saying ‘Goodbye’ to a Black Breastfeeding Shero!

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I gave a 1-hour presentation on Black breastfeeding to about 160 students in an intro to medical anthropology course on Tuesday. The day before that, I received heartbreaking news that the founder of the Indiana Black Breastfeeding Coalition, Terry Curtis, had transitioned in her sleep just the day before. If Terry were some celebrity or movie or pop star, […]

Keep your medical experiments and research projects away from my (historically vulnerable) Vagina!

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A couple of months ago, the medical center that is part of the university I attend got a hold of my name and mailing address and sent me a letter saying they were conducting a study on women to see if being screened for cervical cancer in a clinical setting (you go in – they give […]

Considering #SlaveFood: Did white babies really receive the ‘perfect’ milk from Black women?

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I’ve heard arguments many times on both sides of the fence about breastfeeding and nutrition and opinions, evidence, etc on how closely a woman’s breastmilk reflects her diet.  One side says that regardless of what a woman eats when she is nursing she still makes a perfect milk. I took this to mean that if […]

Happy New Year!: Recognizing, reflecting on and remembering my biggest influences in Black Breastfeeing

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I really didn’t plan on writing today, but I wanted to make sure to say ‘Happy New Year’ to all. I’m sitting here at my little sister’s house waiting for something to happen — no, seriously — there is nothing going on around here, though we’ve planned on watching scary movies all night long with […]

Thanksgiving? Take Back Native Culture. Take Back #Breastfeeding!

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I don’t celebrate the spawn of the Native American holocaust, an avenue towards the eruption of a capitalist system, European conquest, sexualized terrorism of Indigenous women, global white supremacy among other things that has been deemed today — this ‘holiday.’ But I do stand in solidarity with various Indigenous groups of this land who share a similarly […]