Musings For Today: On Returning to School, Being Transparent, The ILCA, Equity, and the Limitations of Inclusion

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Well, the summer has come to an end, and school starts in just a few days. What is in store for me? I will be honest when I say there are particular attitudes and challenges I face that remind me that Black women are not supposed to be in school. Because being present is a direct threat to the […]

Why I’m just no fan(a.t.t.i.c) of the whole celebrity nursing in public thing

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Someone recently reminded me of a post on here and my views from a couple years back, about why I didn’t celebrate the attention Beyonce received for nursing in public. I didn’t agree, like many others did, that it would really get Black people anywhere — as far as getting more Black women to breastfeed and allowing us to move […]

Are IBCLCs The ‘New’ Infant Formula? — A Webinar (Video)

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There was such a large response to an article I wrote previously about International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) and why, even though many breastfeeding advocates have been proponents of more professionalism believing this increase may work to make breastfeeding a normal biological and social process and increase the amount of women who initiate and sustain it, I believe IBCLCs, although […]

Are white people ‘overemphasized’ when it comes to the breastfeeding narratives of Black women? (Video)

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This is good one! And a big part of me wishes there were conversations like this more often because then that would mean that the very climate surrounding Black breastfeeding would be different. The youtuber in the video below says that she was on Facebook in a conversation about breastfeeding with  ‘several white women.’ That […]

Are IBCLCs The ‘New’ Infant Formula?: A look at biopower, global sovereignty and the Proliferation of Breastfeeding Professionals

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[Update]: This conversation on the complications that I believe stem from this new-found establishment, as well as some thoughts on forging more justice in this area, will be examined in greater detail in my upcoming webinar of the same title, happening at the end of August, 2014!  The sections in this post are various short excerpts from a essay I wrote in an anthropology theory […]

Updates, Interesting things and other stuff

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I’ve been busy. I’m getting ready to go out of town — out of the country, actually — to help a friend for a quick min, with her baby — postpartum care. . . . sort of. I haven’t met her baby yet because I haven’t seen my friend in a while. I am really […]

‘Living DOWN’ to white standards: A Dr. William Henry ‘Bill’ Cosby, Jr., Ed. D-Inspired Post!

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Ahhhh. I had no intention at all of writing this post. I signed out of Blogger, after posting my article for this week, on what I’m reading and was going to call it a day, after I excitedly shared with my facebook peeps that I had, for the first time used the word ‘vaginally’ on my […]

School official refuses to dismantle white supremacist breastfeeding curriculum

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Think back to last year and the ‘white breastfeeding policy.’ Do you recall when I enrolled in the PEBL (Professional Education in Breastfeeding and Lactation) course, in order to obtain a Certified Lactation Educator Certificate (CLE)? Do you recall how excited I was before class began, an enthusiasm that quickly diminished on the first day, when it […]

Inequity in Breastfeeding Support Summit Registration Now Open!

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Registration is live for the breastfeeding summit, focusing on ‘The impact of institutional racism, power and white privilege on breastfeeding rates and maternal-infant health.’ This summit is happening on June 21-22, 2013, at the Brockey Conference Center South Seattle Community College in Seattle, WA, and is ‘A collaboration of the Breastfeeding Coalition of Washington, Mahogany […]