Word(less words) Wednesday: Yes, an albino woman can indeed bond with her Black baby!

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“The bond between mother and child is absolute in this tender moment when breastfeeding. Nothing else is relevant, neither skin color, nor the fact that the mother is albino and her baby is black.” Given the context of this ‘Photo of the Day’ I found online with the caption above, from a project that looks […]

Word(less words) Wednesday: A Giveaway! (Closed)

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If you follow me on Twitter, then you’ll know that a few weeks ago I said because I’m insanely busy right now (I’ll let on to what’s happening soon enough:)) I wasn’t going to post anymore until sometime next month — late next month — maybe even early next year. Ya…. about that.The bumper sticker […]

Word(less words) Wednesday: The modern maternal-infant care Mammy

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I think this caught my eye because just the other day I read an article that dealt with students at a local school and it made me think of Mammy. This school, trying to gauge how the students felt about the current racial atmosphere and attempting to find ways to make the campus more inclusive, […]

Word(less words) Wednesday: Black women + Anthropology + Breastfeeding = Just the two of us?

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I’ve been spending some time looking for Black and African American anthropologists – for people of African descent, and women of color who are also lactation advocates — for practicing anthropologists, or those who have taken any anthropology courses or who have learned about the discipline in any other way, and integrate this important angle into their […]