Documentary Review :: DADS AND BREASTFEEDING: The Official Guide For New Fathers

DADS AND BREASTFEEDING: THE OFFICIAL GUIDE FOR NEW FATHERS is a short documentary created by Quashier S. Flood-Strouble, who appears in the video and can be seen in the screenshot below, is a breastfeeding peer counselor, Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC), mother of three breastfed children and by her brother, Mu-Tor Flood, PhD student in Psychology. The siblings created the film in order to raise awareness around the importance of breastfeeding and to highlight the significant role fathers can and should play in supporting their breastfeeding partners. This documentary relays the message that “Dads should support breastfeeding because it is the safest, easiest, cheapest, and most natural thing for the family.” It is the “Only DVD on breastfeeding from the male perspective.”

The 28 minute educational video narrated by a male, provides interview-style presentation with practical insight from nearly one dozen dads. These fathers, sharing their knowledge on the tradition, discussed the long-term benefits of breastfeeding, immunity building, maternal-infant bonding, economic benefits vs. purchasing infant formula, SIDS reduction, weight loss, skin to skin, positioning, latch and others. Healthcare professionals such as a Certified Lactation Consultant, Certified Lactation counselor, Clinical Psychologist, and Registered Nurse also provide clinical information, further underscoring the significance of mother’s milk.Another theme is relationship and bonding between dad and baby. Even though fathers do not breastfeed children, the narrator emphasizes that their role is part of a successful nursing experiences and their bond with the baby is just as important. He offers a few ideas on ways to initiate this. Fathers can, for example, recognize infant hunger cues, as well as read to babies in order to stimulate brain development. They can also ensure they hold the baby in order for the baby to learn to recognize facial structures at an early age, and speak to him or her. Some dads suggested some of their methods are singing, skin to skin, or other soothing techniques such as rocking.

DADS AND BREASTFEEDING is useful for those who are unaware or unsure of their role in supporting women who nurse. It provides a no-nonsense way to understand basic information about the benefits of breastfeeding and how male figures can help out.

I was really excited about receiving this documentary. The only other video that I know of that really has ever added a father’s input is one I saw at the ROSE Breastfeeding Summit earlier this year; the presenter discussed the necessity to move from a breastfeeding dyad to a breastfeeding triad. This is the same message in DADS AND BREASTFEEDING.

For me, I believe there is space in the tradition for far more support besides those in the tight-knit circle, but I think this video is a starting point that allows us to see that others must focus on the importance of breastfeeding. I’m happy to see that infant feeding and nourishment among other benefits, in education and support, is shifting away from being the sole responsibility of the woman and that the scope in building encouragement is being widened. I’m happy to add DADS AND BREASTFEEDING to my collection of educational resources.


Writer(s): Mu-Tor Flood, Quashier S. Flood-Strouble

Production Company: MQF Productions, LLC

Year: 2012
High Definition DVD: 69.99
Run Time: 28 Minutes
Language Format: English/Spanish

Genre: Education

ISBN: N/A (© 2012)

Thank you, MQF Productions (@MaliykaisHealth), for providing a copy of DADS AND BREASTFEEDING: The Official Guide For New Fathers, for this review.

Note: All opinions are my own and honest, and I am not compensated by the maker of this documentary or the producer. 

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