Fenugreek at Freddy’s

I did some grocery shopping at Fred Meyer the other day, while buying ingredients to make recipes with a friend. As always, the bulk section saved my life but as I was measuring and writing down price codes and labels I found something I wasn’t even looking for — Fenugreek! I decided to purchase a small amount.

I’ve heard of many women talking about it, and according to Livestrong.com, “Fenugreek is a medicinal herb that may help increase the production of breastmilk for nursing women and may help lower blood sugar levels, according to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. This herb may help increase breastmilk because the glands that produce milk are modified sweat glands and the herb may increase sweat production”

I have no immediate use for this, but I guess in the back of my mind I’m secretly hoping if someone ever complained about low milk production, and asked me about it I would have some on hand. Then I’d follow one of the many instructions found here for preparation, and viola — a happy baby and mama, right?!

Maybe that will happen. Maybe it won’t. One day, I’m sure. But for now I’m not going to sit around wondering about it too much. It’ll be here if anyone asks.


A couple of hours after I finished this short post, I came back to admit I am omitting information, which somewhat skews the purpose of my Fenugreek purchase. The truth is I did just happen to see the Fenugreek at Fred Meyer in the bulk section as I was shopping for ingredients to make dinner with my friend. I was surprised to see it there since I had never dealt with this herb before. As I saw it and picked up the bottle to scoop out and measure my purchase, I had in my mind that if I was lucky enough, someone I know who just had a baby just a few months ago, and who is bottle-feeding because of a low milk supply, would benefit. I did not actively look for remedies and I would never just bring it up to her for fear that I would seem as if I’m not trusting her position or her judgement that she knows what is best for her situation. I do not know what she deals with or how she feels about the situation and her feeding choice is not my call. I also worried that I would seem pushy. I was hoping that while seeing her we would somehow get on the conversation of her low milk production and I would have Fenugreek on hand so she could try this remedy and initiate re-lactation and provide her new baby with her milk. But so far this has not happened.

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