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FOUR Conferences, THREE Presentations, two babies on my knee, and a Black HERstory Twitter Party #BlkBfing

I think this will read like more of a newsletter-type-ish post than an actual ‘post’ ‘post’. Partially because well, I’m a bit busy these days — I’m slammed with projects I need to work on, plus my little sister is out of town visiting family, so I have her three children which I’m helping to get off to school, making lunches, helping do homework, etc, while their dad is at work. My one-year-old great nephew is also over for a Valentine’s visit, and since my sister usually babysits her sister-in-law’s baby — another one-year-old, while his mom goes to work, I’m helping watch him, too. And they are both sitting – one on each of my knees as I try and type this =D. I did, however, want to put some updates out there just to let on with a few things happening in my world and in the Black breastfeeding world around.

ROSE Breastfeeding Coalition just sent out their ‘Save The Date’ email for their 2013 Summit in Atlanta, to address Black women’s breastfeeding disparities. It will be held on August 8-9, and the theme this year is Organizing for Action: Building the Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Address Disparities and Strengthen  Support Systems, though I’m not sure what venue it will be held in. I want to make sure you can mark your calendar. I hope I’m able to attend this year. I had such a great time speaking at the last one. ROSE has also partnered with Moms Rising and the United States Breastfeeding Committee for a Blog Carnival in honor of Black History Month. If you missed that post, which was published last week, just scroll down for all of the details. I really hope you can submit something.


A few days after that, on the 27th at 9 pm EST, these organizations along with Sojourner Marable Grimmet, co-founder of the breastfeeding advocacy organization Table for Two, and daughter of the late and fabulously great Manning Marable (whose wife is anthropologist, Leith Mullings, btw), will be hosting a National Breastfeeding Making HERstory Twitter Party to ‘discuss the importance of breastfeeding and increasing African American rates.’ The flyer is above (click on the image to enlarge), and if you’re on facebook, you can RSVP. Make sure you use the hashtag #BlkBfing. I’m @LactationJrny.

Also, a flyer about a conference in Detroit, MI, just came through my email. Innovations in Breastfeeding Support Seminar 2013 is hosted by Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association (BMBFA), and is ‘to inform healthcare professionals on innovative solutions that address the cultural road blocks in breastfeeding support for African Americans.’ Here’s the event page, where you can register. You can contact the founder of BMBFA, Kiddada Green via email or you can call her:  (800) 313-6141 ext. 2, to get more info.

I’ll be presenting at the Inequity in Breastfeeding Support Summit — aka the racism, white privilege and power conference happening here this June. I think the really good thing about this is that it is open to anyone — lay and professionals and anyone else interested in supporting breastfeeding. I’ll periodically post info about it so keep an eye out, but also know that you can join the Summit’s Facebook Like Page, if you want to stay in the know.

And lastly, I’m preparing for the Breastfeeding and (Black) Feminism Symposium in North Carolina. I’m really looking forward to this, not only because it’s specifically a conference on breastfeeding and Black Feminism, a couple of my favorite subjects, but I’ve seen the agenda, and the other workshops and what others are presenting on, and I can’t wait to hear them. At first I thought I was giving my presentation only one time, but as it turns out I’ll be giving two 20-minute presentations. I’ll be presenting the same content, but at two different times, so it’s twice as nice. My presentations are called Reorganizing the Village: Viewing Black Breastfeeding Support Through a Black Feminist Framework, and I’ll be giving a short account on the history of Black Feminism, and the ways to get more community members involved in with advocacy — the greater community. I love any chance I get to discuss this. My bestie also lives over there so I’m super duper excited about seeing her, her family and a few others, who I haven’t seen in over four years.

I created a chip in for this event — at the UNC. As of yet, I don’t keep a static ‘donate’ button on my site, but my spiel is the same when I’m responsible for the tab — I created the chip in to allow anyone interested in helping to offset the charges from this event. I’m not hooked up with a large organization, and I don’t receive grants from the government. My breastfeeding work is done largely independently, so the help of my community is only what will allow me to continue this important work. Please consider supporting these great efforts by chip(ping) in, and maybe sharing the link. Anything helps, and thank you for consideration.

Through the remainder of February, anyone who donates $20.00+, will get a free seat to May’s Radical Breastfeeding Webinar!

And now to tend to my children. Over the next two weeks, I’ll have two one-year-old babies, a pre-teen, one nine year old, and a seven year old.


Happy Valentine’s Day. ♥

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