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Help Wanted. ISO More Black Certified Lactation Consultants

donations accepted
donations accepted

Below is a letter I recently sent to organizations as a fundraiser, explaining the significanct lack of and significant need for more Black Certified Lactation Consultants. 

The cost of courses surprised me and after all calculations, turned out to be quite a bit more than I initially expected — and that was even before I realized I have to take additional lactation-specific courses, which added up to almost $2,000 dollars alone. I felt this is a step that I had to make, since I cannot stop this venture since learning of all of the disparities.

And even though I have never done anything like, I really believe this is considered an emergency, and believe in the help of my community and a way for others to become involved — those who I believe would be receptive. I also asked myself the question: “If I received a letter showing the importance of Black women as CLCs and had a chance to support an endeavor with a proven ability to get more Black women breastfeeding, reach breastfeeding goals, and help end innumerable disparities, would I respond positively?” So I stamped the letters and mailed them.

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