I Asked Her If She Was Going To Breastfeed

I’m The Big Sister

And she said yes!

This may not be a big deal to you and you may not think it calls for a whole blog post of its own, but I beg to differ since this is a first. I asked a young sista who is six months pregnant if she plans to breastfeed. Exhale. . . from nervousness and excitement. Nevermind the fact that it was a youtube video and it was through a comment, but hey, she’s a real person, so I asked. Actually, my exact question was:

Hey, sis, have you thought about how you are going to feed your baby yet? As in breastfeed or formula? 

Her response was:

I plan on breastfeeding. And I will continue to do it, it all depends on how it goes because I hear its very painful and sometimes the baby dont take to it.”

Then I said:

So awesome!! I’m really happy about that! I have heard it can be challenging in the beginning, and it’s definitely not something that people can automatically — breastfeeding takes practice, but with patience and confidence you can!

There is support around u (not that you asked, I’m just excited when I find videos like these) that are supportive and now you have my username, too. I’m working on becoming a lactation consultant and if you have any questions ever, ask away! :O).

I had to know. I couldn’t get past the fact that there was a pregnant sista right there talking about having a baby and here I am a Lactation Consultant endeavor (ee), if that makes sense, who had a clear opportunity to ask. So I did.

It also was a video where she talked about being 21, single, and pregnant, and that made me concerned for her overall, which added to the nervousness. I have also never asked anyone before that I didn’t know, and didn’t want it to seem as if I was imposing on her life, making her feel as if she doesn’t know what she’s doing, or that I portray myself as someone who would not be supportive of a Black woman and her decision to nurture her child the best way she knows — even when it involvs infant formula, and of course there’s more bulleted items on list. So that all ran through my head. But I somehow get the feeling that people like when they are asked and like to talk about the baby. So now I will keep my eyes peeled for more. I feel like a big sister looking out for my little sisters. Yep. Big Sister is watching!

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