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I LOVE BEING A (RADICAL) DOULA: Radical Doula Profiles – Me!

I’M OFFICIALLY A RADICAL DOULA! The Radical Doula has a series that profiles those who identify with the term. Even though I’m a brand spanking newbie here on the birth scene, and for a longest time even refused to label myself a ‘radical,’ I couldn’t escape the inevitable, so I submitted my Info. Here’s an excerpt from the profile that came through my facebook feed:

“I identify with ‘radical’ because it means that I work to dismantle a system of injustice instead of simply recycling the power structure, and spitting it out as progress…I see the injustice in breastfeeding and birth and countless others, that are infused with racism, white supremacy, and various interlocking forms of oppression that have shaped the way Black women, women of color, and many continue to be marginalized and I’m not afraid to challenge them.”

But I don’t want to spoil it all for you. So I’ll just give you the link and you can visit the full profile. Go on. Read it!

By the way, that picture is sideways because it was copied like that from another place I had it online, and I have been meaning to get around to rotating it for forever. I may do so one day before it gets copied again. Or maybe I won’t. Perhaps we can just call it ‘character’. =D

“If indeed we wish to be radical in our quest for change, then we must get to the root of our oppression. After all, radical simply means grasping things at the root.” – Angela Davis

4 thoughts on “I LOVE BEING A (RADICAL) DOULA: Radical Doula Profiles – Me!

  1. I enjoyed seeing your story. I loved your commentary, especially this, “From what I see in birth and in breastfeeding, is there is too much idealism that causes many to overlook that issues of race, class, sexual identity and others really determine who is birthing, dying and who even goes home happy. Those issues need to become central to *all* our conversations.” I could not agree more!

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