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I took my children to the lake. . And I Left with an #IBCLC And Goat Milk! #TrueStory


If you noticed that I added a new page to this blog — Painted Sky Soap — it is because as of recently I became an independent representative for this small company, and so I’ll tell you why I’m excited about it, and why I believe this may be another important component of the work I do supporting breastfeeding.

I think the most interesting things happen to me sometimes. I mean, the encounters I have with people. When I took my (little sister’s) two youngest to the lake nearby their house and planned to hang out while they swam and splashed around in the shallow end with their friends, I didn’t anticipate meeting a labor and delivery nurse, who was also an IBCLC — a board Certified Lactation Consultant until just recently when she decided not to renew her certification. I’m sure you can imagine what she and I talked about for some time, right?! I also didn’t anticipate meeting her husband who makes bodycare products from raw goat’s milk.

After we all talked about breastfeeding, the fact that we were all California natives, recycling, and had the insane privilege of watching, right in front of our eyes, a bald eagle swoop down from the sky to try and capture a baby duckling floating around on the lake with its mama and other siblings — the mama, who instructed the duckling to ‘duck’ to avert its demise, we began discussing goat’s milk. The labor and delivery nurse/IBCLC, shared that her mother birthed six children and didn’t breastfeed any of them — she said she doesn’t know why, but she did know that of all of them were given infant formula, but because of her allergy to cow’s milk she was fed goat milk. The conversation progressed and I was pretty intrigued at what I was told, so later I decided to do some research on my own.

I found the benefits of raw goat milk to be extraordinary — that it is loaded with natural vitamins, has the closest ph to our own skin which helps to avert irritants and infections, and that more and more research is suggesting it be used in place of the current cow’s milk in infant formula, because of its benefits. From what I understood some of these include a potential decrease of SIDS due to potentially lessening the chance of anaphylactic shock from allergic reactions to cow’s milk. This was only initial research. Of course the fact that these products are all natural, each contain only six to eight ingredients at best and goat’s milk is always first on that list — meaning it is the largest quantity in each product, and that they are handmade and cold processed just grabs me.

But, if you know me or know anything at all about me — even though I’m a sucker for great skincare products, and especially a good lotion, then you’ll know that I’m not too quick to hop on just any bandwagon. And, with the exception of books, I have yet to advertise anything on my site, and never allow it. Or, excuse me — it would be rare and I’m exceptionally choosy — I think we are too often given the exact things that are used to exploit us and create tumultuous dynamics all in the name of ‘mobility’. But I digress..

I was not only impressed with the products, which I love, but I appreciate the relationship this owner has with his goat herd as well as the land, reciprocating the same kindness, loyalty, and faithfulness that he receives (I would not have signed up were this not the case). I think doing so was one of those things I could feel was right — that somehow this is another critical component of promoting breastfeeding — involving deeper implications of self-care, environment, race, and other ideas of holism — mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and so on. I can’t quite put my finger on exactly how this milk intersects with this work, but I know it does. And I’ll soon find out because I absolutely look forward to seeing where this will all lead.

Please visit my new page as well as the website. Right now, the dust is still settling around here and I will probably soon enter a redirect from the blog page that will take you to an online store/shopping cart, if you’re interested in purchasing anything. Also, please know that some of the pricing on the current site is slightly different on the website and all orders must be done through email, where you would tell me what you want and I would send you an invoice through Paypal. Many thanks, and please share your thoughts and let me know if you have any questions :O)

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