What I’m Reading :: LITTLE BLACK BREASTFEEDING BOOK: Maternal Experience of Breastfeeding

‘Little Black Breastfeeding Book: Maternal Experience of Breastfeeding’. Xlibris, 2012.

Let me rephrase that to what I briefly started reading but had to put down because of schoolwork, but what I’m excited to continue reading as soon as the quarter ends in a few days!

I’m so happy I have mastered google searching (well, kinda) or I may have not found this because even there I think it is still quite hidden. I was really surprised to find this one, and can’t even remember exactly what it was I was searching for to begin with when I came across it initially.

This text on Black breastfeeding, published in 2012, is written by Jacqueline Lois who is a certified nurse midwife, lactation consultant and mother of two. From what I have read so far I appreciate that this text it’s not filled with large amounts of data, information, statistics and terminology that makes breastfeeding a ‘science’ or something difficult to understand. This author asks questions in order to orient readers with their own experience and exposure to breastfeeding and provides some workbook-like pages for each to write these thoughts down. Then, in a very down-to-earth and practical way answers them herself  as well as shares some more information on her life experiences; from the way she presents herself, you almost get a feeling as if she’s your mother talking to you, or a good friend that is explaining things. What is also made clear is that The Little Black Breastfeeding Book is not a ‘how-to’ guide discussing the superiority of breastmilk over infant formula. But instead, its aim is to allow each mother to see how breastfeeding is good for her, which is definitely a change from a variety of other forms, and I find that very useful.

If I had to make one complaint about this text (which is not really a complaint actually), then it would be that it is much, much shorter than I thought it would be — just 56 pages. But when I think about it I think the length of this book is probably ideal because it is less likely to overwhelm readers. I know I only think this about its brevity because I just can’t get enough in about Black breastfeeding. I know this. 

But then again I’m certain you know this about me by now, too. Arican american breastfeeding

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  1. thank you for your words, not sure how I reached you….pregnancy and nurturing your yourself and your baby is healing. nice to get the word out… Keep writing….

  2. Just re-read your comments after a long while and would love love love to create more space for dialogue . The book was intentionally short to be used as a companion peace for conversation, support, and challenging the way we talk about women, our bodies, and what really motivates us . Now my life is changing and I want to take the show on the road to speak. I now live in Washington DC and would like to offer some workshops casting down my bucket where I am seems like a good place to start. I do see this as social justice work so deeply grounded in our historical context. Since I wrote my book, I have had a fourth grandchild who will be a year next week. He is still nursing. I have learned once again. This work transcends race and possibly gender but it is do needed on this planet as we struggle with the meaning of love and the essential nature of maternal attachment. Next month I hope to create some interest by writing more commentary and posting events. I love your blog and unique perspective. Keep up the good work

    1. All this time later and I realized I never responded to your initial comment. I’m working on becoming better at that. Thanks for perusing my blog once again. It’s exciting to hear about all of the things going on, and congratulations on the fourth new baby! It’s also exciting to hear about your endeavors, and I’ve love to know more about how you’re taking your work on the road. I think more practicality, like you mentioned in breastfeeding support, is one way we are assured of social justice and transformation when it comes to Black breastfeeding. Feel free to contact me via the contact link above. I’d love to know more about your work.

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