What I’m Reading :: LITTLE BLACK BREASTFEEDING BOOK: Maternal Experience of Breastfeeding

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‘Little Black Breastfeeding Book: Maternal Experience of Breastfeeding’. Xlibris, 2012.

Let me rephrase that to what I briefly started reading but had to put down because of schoolwork, but what I’m excited to continue reading as soon as the quarter ends in a few days!

I’m so happy I have mastered google searching (well, kinda) or I may have not found this because even there I think it is still quite hidden. I was really surprised to find this one, and can’t even remember exactly what it was I was searching for to begin with when I came across it initially.

This text on Black breastfeeding, published in 2012, is written by Jacqueline Lois who is a certified nurse midwife, lactation consultant and mother of two. From what I have read so far I appreciate that this text it’s not filled with large amounts of data, information, statistics and terminology that makes breastfeeding a ‘science’ or something difficult to understand. This author asks questions in order to orient readers with their own experience and exposure to breastfeeding and provides some workbook-like pages for each to write these thoughts down. Then, in a very down-to-earth and practical way answers them herself  as well as shares some more information on her life experiences; from the way she presents herself, you almost get a feeling as if she’s your mother talking to you, or a good friend that is explaining things. What is also made clear is that The Little Black Breastfeeding Book is not a ‘how-to’ guide discussing the superiority of breastmilk over infant formula. But instead, its aim is to allow each mother to see how breastfeeding is good for her, which is definitely a change from a variety of other forms, and I find that very useful.

If I had to make one complaint about this text (which is not really a complaint actually), then it would be that it is much, much shorter than I thought it would be — just 56 pages. But when I think about it I think the length of this book is probably ideal because it is less likely to overwhelm readers. I know I only think this about its brevity because I just can’t get enough in about Black breastfeeding. I know this. 

But then again I’m certain you know this about me by now, too. Arican american breastfeeding

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  1. thank you for your words, not sure how I reached you….pregnancy and nurturing your yourself and your baby is healing. nice to get the word out… Keep writing….

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