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I’m Speaking at the International Lactation Consultant Association’s Annual Meeting

Well. . . Maybe.

The International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) announced its call for proposals for the 2012 conference in Orlando, Florida, and I’m thinking of going. Well, not only am I thinking of going, but the only reason I’m thinking of going is because I’m thinking of submitting a proposal – an abstract in order to give a presentation. The conference’s theme is ‘A Call To Action: New Perspectives in Human Lactation,’ and I think this is a great opportunity. What would I speak about, you ask? ¬†Well, of the available categories my interests would fit mostly in ‘Policy and Promotion’, since I am an advocate and Blactavist, right?!

Even though you don’t have to be a professional to present at this conference, I do have some reservations about this, and I’ll admit I do get intimidated by being so new to the area and being among, or presenting new information to those who have nursed, are nursing, have done extensive research, are IBCLCs, Dr.s, etc. in the area, but I also know that I do have a special vantage point that really could benefit this area; Anthropology!

I know anthropology would be such a great tool to bring to the table — not that everyone need to have a background in the discipline in order to learn and participate, but I know sharing and explaining some of the practices and ways to produce more cultural understanding and awareness, thus increasing knowledge and breastfeeding rates will be priceless. I am a firm believer in the discipline and know that anthropology needs a more public eye, and as an anthropologist it is my job to bring these tools that I am confident will benefit our society to the forefront. Plus I have about 9 Months to put a presentation together.

Here’s the fine print: I would need to become a member of the ILCA¬†like now! No, not next week, but now, since I’m almost positive memberships are required to participate! Also, I just learned of this call for papers, which apparently began in the middle of September, but all info must be submitted by the 10th of this month at midnight — yes, as in four days from now, but it’s only an abstract so it’s doable. But even if these two things happen and I submit a proposal there is still no guarantee I will be selected for presentation. But then there’s always a chance I will.

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