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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Acquanda + Women’s History Month + Wombanist Views Radio

If you missed the Wombanist Views Radio Show today, I’ve embedded it below. How awesome it was to be invited to be a guest during Women’s History Month, to discuss the “efforts in breastfeeding advocacy and the cultural implications and why it is an important health concern.” Whenever I’m involved in any type of public speaking on breastfeeding, I always hope to at least convey a few critical issues about community engagement and participation. Hopefully this was able to raise some awareness around these important issues. Of course there’s also a zillion and one other things I would have liked to discuss, but of course one can only get so much in in 30 minutes.

You’ll have to forgive my bit of nervousness — which, is the reason I kept saying ‘absolutely’ and also flubbed a couple other times :OI. Also, I’m still getting over a cold, so excuse the grogginess. But other than that, let’s talk about it.


[Update]: I went back and listened to this, and like before would like to add a few extra words, and make sure I clear a few things up:

  1. Breastfeeding is not the answer to all of our problems, and hope I did not come off with this belief. Like I’ve said before: Breastfeeding is not a ‘fix-all’ button! I believe breastfeeding can and does help avert illness, infant mortality as well as offer many other benefits even on a local and global level, but I am unsure if I came across as suggesting if we just breastfeed then all health and social ills associated with a lack of tradition will simply disappear. I have not, do not, nor will I ever subscribe to this.
  2. Every woman in my family has breastfed. But like the rap artist who rhymed about “B-Fing — The most beautifullest, natruallest and heallthiest thing..  I ain’t gonna front like they ain’t seen a bottle.” I grew up around breastfeeders — some exclusive, but I ain’t gonna front like our babies have never seen a bottle or have never used infant formula. And I’m sorry if I came off with the impression otherwise.

Oh, and just a small sidenote: I think the Whitney Houston music is awesome! That song is often in the cue and listened to when I’m out taking my walks, because it’s upbeat and make me feel good. And it’s such a perfect tune for the theme this month!

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