Male Breastfeeding Support: It Takes Three. . . . At Least (Video)

The video below was presented by Dr. Yvonne Bronner at the ROSE Summit last month, during her presentation on engaging fathers in breastfeeding support. Dr. Bronner’s emphasized that instead of making breastfeeding about only a mother-baby dyad, it needs to become a triad, counting fathers as an integral part of the tradition.

Interestingly enough this morning I came across another article on making fathers count by targeting dads, and it talked along the same lines, saying that fathers often have stigmas or misconceptions about breastfeeding and body image and too often relegate breasts as a “sexual thing and not a feeding mechanism,” which are ideas many subscribe to — including moms.

I think the universe wanted me to post about fathers and breastfeeding support today. Ironically, as I’ve been taking my time re-reading The Black Woman’s Guide to BREASTFEEDING, I happen to be on the chapter talking about including dads — It Takes Three, Chapter five, and just finished reading the author’s husband, Noel Barber’s insert on understanding breastfeeding from the father perspective.¬†Though my opinions on this are slightly varied because I think these ideas are horribly idealistic — meaning I understand fathers exist of course, and must take part, but I also know that not every situation is made up of a triad — and the ones who have those extra figures tend to not necessarily be the ones feeling the greatest effects of breastfeeding disparities. Also, even though I absolutely understand fathers and partners should be supportive, believe it just lets too many people off the hook when it comes to stepping up to the plate and becoming involved. Soceity. But that’s just me. However, I still believe this is very necessary information for those close to the mom-to-be.

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