Open Anthropology – A FREE #Anthropology Journal! #MakingAnthropologyPublic

This is cause for celebration. Or at least a few cheers. In an effort to make anthropology more public and to make anthropologists more visible, the American Anthropological Association (AAA) has created Open Anthropology: A PUBLIC JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGICAL ASSOCIATIONan online journal and volume 1, Number 1 — the inaugural issue is now online, and it’s FREE!!

This current issue is titled ‘Marriage and other Arrangements’. Here are some of the titles from this volume, which are also linked:

There are other articles in the journal also, of course, and you can check those out. The AAA, on it’s blog, provides the following info about the journal:

“Content in Open Anthropology will be culled from the full archive of AAA publications, curated into issues, and will be freely available on the internet for a minimum of six months, permitting any users to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or link to the full text of these articles. Each issue will be dedicated to topics of interest to the general public, and that may have direct or indirect public policy implications.”

Below is part of the introduction to the journal form the AAA’s president, Leith Mullings:

“Anthropology is the science of humankind, past and present, across societies and cultures. The anthropological perspective is distinct from most social sciences in that it does not accept specific cultural forms and societal arrangements as given or ‘natural’, but seeks to understand the conditions in which they came to be. As we apply anthropological knowledge — gained from the study of humans and primates through history and across societies — to pressing social issues such as family, war, health, migration, inequality, we ask how these emerge, and are reproduced or transformed. The answers to these questions may provide unique insights into addressing pressing social issues.”

This is why I think everyone needs at least a little bit of anthropology.  And, judging from this new initiative, so do they.If you would like to understand more about the discipline, I recommend you head over. I hope you visit this journal on a regular basis — or at least often. Here’s the link. Make sure you spread the world!

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