Pumpkin Milk for Pumpkin Baby

I saw this floating around facebook. Right away I had some questions; how will Pumpkin mama feed pumpkin baby? I hope she decides to refuse the hospital milk that I’ve heard is too often suggested. And I also hope she has lots of support and love inside and outside of her circle should she have questions or if she feels discouraged know that help is nearby. Perhaps mama will find articles  and other reading on how to grow strong and healthy pumpkins. I wondered if pumpkins are valued more or less based on their outward appearance than let’s say a cucumber, zucchini or watermelon, even though they are all members of the Cucurbit family? Do they face discrimination in the patch or elsewhere? Or do those viewed as more valuable than others have more of a chance at feeding their little orange ones? Must they place bumper stickers on a wheel barrow while moving around? Is it necessary to cover up even though they don’t normally wear clothes? If they experienced harassment would they have pumpkin-ins? I thought this was cute, folks! We are in a season where pumpkins are all around. Whether you are celebrating any holiday or not, have a happy and safe day!

Below is a recipe for pumpkin milk. Apparently the final product turns a bit green,
but is loaded with nutritious goodness. If you make this, share your thoughts!

Fresh Pumpkin Seed Milk Recipe

Breastfeeding is boo-tiful!
Breastfeeding is boo-tiful!

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