Radical Breastfeeding Webinars Are Here!

I am so excited to announce that I am now hosting online webinars! Hosting an online conference-type meeting is something I have been wanting to do for some time now, in order to discuss things that are close to me and that I am very passionate about, and I have finally been able to carve out space and time to continue my passion.

What is the content?: If you’ve kept up with this blog, then you will know that I don’t really operate around breastfeeding mechanics. Even though at one point I was on my way to becoming a Certified Lactation Consultant, and you can find a few things around here geared towards breastfeeding basics — like latching a baby and a couple of other tips, the practical or mechanical aspects are not really my focus. Instead, I emphasize the social and political aspects — from a critical, holistic and anti-racist perspective, and tend to keep away from ideas like ‘Breast Is Best’, etc., since I believe in looking deeper at things I believe are at the backdrop of disparities.

Your cup of tea?: If you are reading this post and have been following this blog then you are interested in Black breastfeeding — and you are also probably interested in finding ways to combat inequality, racism and other social factors.

The overall goal is to provide new insight and create new ways to raise our consciousness about issues that are often overlooked, and find new ways to challenge these. It is also my hope that this arena will serve as a space to learn from others about their experiences and their traditional knowledge, which will work to increase our understanding of each other, and inevitably our rates.

Presentations: Unless I state otherwise, these will be 90 minutes each, and 30 minutes of that will be dedicated to questions and interaction.

More info: I created a new Webinars page at the top of this blog, which I really encourage you to visit in order to stay up to date on topics, current schedules, further reading, times, etc. Through the link, you are also able to register and pay for your virtual seat on that page.

Current Webinar

Title: Examining ‘non-traditional’ approaches to increasing Black breastfeeding support.

Price: 35.00

Register: Here

Date: Because I believe in the importance of this topic, I will be hosting this session once per month beginning on January 10, 2013 and lasting until June 10, 2013. You can choose which session you’d like to attend, but recognize that even though you may be thinking about participating at a later date, anyone can sign up at any time and space is limited. Make sure you register as soon as you can to reserve your virtual seat.

Description:The history of Black and African American women in the United States is unique and complex. More than any other, the health and social disparities continue to be weighted heaviest against this group, as we continue to suffer the greatest inequity in breastfeeding rates. Nominal attention is given to those within the close-knit circle to support this dyad, but the overarching messages continues to emphasize this feeding tradition remain central to the mother-infant dyad. This model inadvertently creates barriers and hinders changes that can take place at various social, cultural and political levels.

For this reason, it is necessary to take a holistic look, and examine the areas outside of what many view as the normal representation of infant feeding, that will allow for a greater understanding as well as new ideas, perspectives and levels of involvement, which can increase our overall participation and inevitably our outcomes.

This explores the exclusivity of breastfeeding and I will, through a historical and contemporary context, provide information on how and why we need to expand support given the unique and complex history of Black women in the U.S. We will discuss everything from slavery to misrepresentation to anti-racism and white privilege, body image, and various other topics. This is an expansion of my presentation at the recent ROSE Breastfeeding Summit in Atlanta, GA, titled Occupy The Bridge: Looking Past Protagonists, and Re-Working the Center.

I really hope to see you.

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