She put feed in a bottle: baby’s too hard to handle (Video)

This video makes me smile. First of all, how many men do you know who sing about breastfeeding? I am also happy because of the story line from this reggae song about the importance of mother’s milk, telling the story of a woman whose¬†“baby’s too hard to handle” and¬†initially has no time and wants to go out and “whine and dine” and is tempted with the convenience of infant formula, and gets the bottle together for the baby. Watch to see how it progresses.

But this video also makes me think about something else — the pressure on women. Now when I hear women talking about breastfeeding it is most often coming from a place where they make it look so easy. But what happens when women are overwhelmed, by herself or when she just ain’t feelin’ it? There is nothing in this video that make me believe this woman is partnered in any type of relationship (as far as someone helping with her baby), and not that that’s even necessary, but it undoubtedly a task that requires much more sacrifice, time and commitment. What happens when mothers are overwhelmed and just want to get away or need some outside attention which can lead to other areas like loneliness and depression which can absolutely interfere with a woman’s ability or desire to breastfeed? What happens then?

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