Shit People Say…. to NON-Breastfeeders (who advocate breastfeeding)

Have you seen the latest meme on the internet — spawning from the “Shit Girls Say” series? Where people make parodies talking about well, ‘shit’ people say — that reflects their character, personality and cultural experiences?¬†Shit Jamaican moms say, Mexican girls say, Chinese teens say, capitalists say, vegetarians….. “Shit people say to”: tattooed people, single people, broke people, gay males, hippies, grandmas, truck drivers — the list seems endless! I’ve had a ton of laughs watching these,¬†have a few favorited on my YouTube playlist and have even thought about making a video or two of my own — until I realized my digital camera broke months ago. Well, I guess I could have sat in front of my macbook and used my built-in i-sight, but I’ve decided on the next best thing I could think of, and of course this does reflect some of the things I’ve head from both men and women without and with kids (some mothers who have even breastfed), since I am a mother’s milk advocate and IBCLC-to-be — who does not breastfeed!

Shit People Say…. to NON-Breastfeeders

“Hmmmmm” (as they look at you under-eyded)

“What could you possibly know about nursing a child?”

“Are you trying to make some kind of a statement or something?”

“You think YOU can make an impact?””An IBCLC? Really?””Honey, if your titties ain’t making nothing, how you gonna support something?”

“You just want to see boobies! Don’t You? (wink)”


“No one’s gonna listen to you, hon!””Now that just don’t make no kinda sense! (smh smh)””YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE ANY KIDS!!”

“Breastfeeding has nothing to do with you!””You just want to see boobies! Don’t You? (wink)””A breastfeeding advocate, really?”

“What are you gonna do? Breastfeed a doll?”


“Hmmmmm” (nothing else, just “hmmmmm”)

I hope you get the picture, and maybe even a laugh as well in spite of the absence of visual material. I also hope that there are truths in this area that will cause us to become curious and more aware, and recognize they are ones we can and should address through this humor, and get more people involved.

Are you a non-breastfeeder who advocates breastfeeding? What shit people have said to you?

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