Sh*t People Say…to Breastfeeding Mothers (Video)

SH*T People Say……..!

I’m a bit late getting this up here as usual, but it does not mean I have not been enjoying watching this video or hearing about all of the Sh*t people say… to Breastfeeding Mothers. Or that it does not continue to be uttered by countless people on the ways we feed our babies. I’ve even added my own account of sh*t people say — just from being an advocate.

These are all relevant, as far as what much of the underlying message we continue to hear in society. I even have a few favorites from this video — the ones that really got me saying “Really? You’ve heard that?! But I’d have to say of all the sayings the one that sticks with me the most, and maybe could be qualified as the ‘best of,’ — “God would not have invented bottles if we were supposed to breastfeed!” I wish I could say I was surprised people have these types of sentiments, but I’m not, and  right now, all I can do is sigh and shake my head.


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