In what capacity EXACTLY do Black breastfeeding advocates support Black breastfeeding?: Ruminations during #BBW15

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The other day I received a direct message from a follower on Twitter. This person mentioned to me that they had an incident with a breastfeeding promotion group who they were attempting to get some info or help from, and in this message, this follower was very frustrated and said that sometimes ‘they be on some bullshit’ because ‘they support the […]

I’m Celebrating Black Breastfeeding Week!! And I don’t give a shit if you do or not! #BBW14 #BlackFamsRock #BlkBfing

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I initially planned on writing a very long and drawn out post on Black Breastfeeding Week and how all of the bigots come out of the woodwork (more overtly) during this time of year — these same ones who we’ll find the other 51 weeks of the year smiling in our face, talking about how much […]