Where in the World is the Black Feminist Anthropologist? Researching #BlkBfing in the Mississippi Delta!

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I’m going down south this Summer! I received some funding from my department to travel to the Mississippi Delta area and begin exploring Black breastfeeding, which I plan on doing in September after I teach my course! I’ve been looking at Mississippi as a site to continue my work and conduct critical research for the […]

Black Breastfeeding + Black Feminist Anthropology on National Anthropology Day

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Last week was the first ever National Anthropology Day. The poster above is the one I made for the celebration we had on campus to show those who attended — there were many posters on display for this day. I also gave a worksop titled ‘Discovering African American Anthropology,’ and talked along the lines on […]

WHAT WOULD MALCOLM DO?: Why Breastfeeding Counts As African American Political Thought — A Webinar (Video)

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Have you ever wondered what Malcolm X’s thoughts would be on Black breastfeeding? Do you think a figure like this would care? I think he would. What about Harriet Tubman’s or W.E.B. DuBois’ thoughts? Marcus Garvey? MLK, Jr? Any other Black ‘revolutionary’? The fact that Black women in America statistically have the lowest breastfeeding rates of any group in […]

What I’m Reading (And Reading, And Crying To) :: #FreeToBreastfeed: Voices of Black Mothers

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I remember the call for papers for ‘Free to Breastfeed,’  — when the editors Jeanie and Anayah first began compiling it a couple of years back — this anthology of Black women who breastfeed. I also had the pleasure of meeting Anayah at a breastfeeding summit last summer here in Seattle, and asked how it was coming along. Now, […]

Why Karlesha Thurman’s graduation picture is so dangerous to the racist and sexist American society

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  Over the past few days I’ve had a few people send me the link to this story about the ‘controversy’ about a mother breastfeeding at her graduation. The first time I saw it, when I clicked to open it I literally had to calm myself down because I felt like I was almost hyperventilating. […]

Who encourages you? Saying ‘Goodbye’ to a Black Breastfeeding Shero!

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I gave a 1-hour presentation on Black breastfeeding to about 160 students in an intro to medical anthropology course on Tuesday. The day before that, I received heartbreaking news that the founder of the Indiana Black Breastfeeding Coalition, Terry Curtis, had transitioned in her sleep just the day before. If Terry were some celebrity or movie or pop star, […]

On MOTHER’S DAY — How Many Black Lesbian Mothers Do You Know?

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To be honest with you I only know a few. And maybe it’s a coincidence that on Mother’s Day I happen to be writing a paper and on the section where I’m discussing Black LGBT ethnography and ethnographers and Black lesbian mothers. I’ve been reading through Mignon Moore’s book Invisible Families: Gay Identities, Relationships and Motherhood among […]

What I’m (Planning On) Reading :: Do Black Lesbians Breastfeed?

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I just signed up to take an independent study on Black lesbians. And I’m so super excited about it!  You all know that a few months back I posted an inquiry about Black LGBTQ breastfeeders and Black LGBTQ breastfeeding supporters to ‘Come Out’ — meaning, I have been wondering and questioning why there is such an invisibility among […]