Anita Baker gives her baby the best that she’s got (Video)

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OK, you all know that I’m no celebrity worshipper. And I’m not even big on them being viewed as ‘role models’ for encouraging more Black breastfeeding because I think it is all just another aspect of a complex structure of power — I’ve shared my thoughts about it before. I still feel this way, but the video below featuring Anita Baker […]

Why I’m just no fan(a.t.t.i.c) of the whole celebrity nursing in public thing

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Someone recently reminded me of a post on here and my views from a couple years back, about why I didn’t celebrate the attention Beyonce received for nursing in public. I didn’t agree, like many others did, that it would really get Black people anywhere — as far as getting more Black women to breastfeed and allowing us to move […]

Whitney Houston, and Famous Breastfeeding Women: Everybody Searching for a Hero (Video)

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When the world heard the devastating news of Whitney Houston’s death a few short weeks ago, our ears perked and eyes widened as we dug deep into our mental reserve to reminisced on anything we could that would lend memory about the singer. My mind rummaged through memories from Jr. High, and conjured up images […]