Mama Midwife: A Birth Adventure :: Book Review (Update) + Giveaway! (Closed)

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Can you think of many other awesome things happening than an author revising a book, based on feedback from readers (besides a collective effort of humankind to improve the global conditions by dismantling institutional racism, patriarchy, ending war, abolishing the death penalty, and all other systems of injustice, — a lengthy list of other things I […]

Book Review :: Mama Midwife A Birth Adventure

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What an anti-racist and social justice activist who constantly deals with stressors of social issues and inequality relishes, are moments like these when we receive children’s books such as Mama Midwife, to review. Mama Midwife, A Birth Adventure, is a self-published text by California resident, Christy Tyner, mother of two, whose children’s playtime activity sometimes includes […]

Book Review + Giveaway :: This Milk Tastes Good! A Breastfeeding Nursery Rhyme (Closed)

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If there’s anything better than reading a children’s book centered around breastfeeding, it’s reading a children’s book centered around breastfeeding with a family Of Color. The awesomeness that is this newly released This Milk Tastes Good, authored by Chenniah Patrick and illustrated by her husband, who are both founders of JhaZamoraS Publishing. Chenniah, whose milk is […]