I LOVE BEING A (RADICAL) DOULA: Radical Doula Profiles – Me!

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I’M OFFICIALLY A RADICAL DOULA! The Radical Doula has a series that profiles those who identify with the term. Even though I’m a brand spanking newbie here on the birth scene, and for a longest time even refused to label myself a ‘radical,’ I couldn’t escape the inevitable, so I submitted my Info. Here’s an excerpt […]

#DoulaProgression Reading Checklist :: ‘Motherwit’, ‘The Doula Guide’ and ‘The Radical Doula Guide’

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I finished compiling the list of books I’ve chosen to read and submit as book reports for Doula Certification — and found an extra along the way.       Part of the requirements for certification is that we choose five texts from the list offered at training and complete book reports. In addition to the […]