Are IBCLCs The ‘New’ Infant Formula? — A Webinar (Video)

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There was such a large response to an article I wrote previously about International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) and why, even though many breastfeeding advocates have been proponents of more professionalism believing this increase may work to make breastfeeding a normal biological and social process and increase the amount of women who initiate and sustain it, I believe IBCLCs, although […]

Are IBCLCs The ‘New’ Infant Formula?: A look at biopower, global sovereignty and the Proliferation of Breastfeeding Professionals

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[Update]: This conversation on the complications that I believe stem from this new-found establishment, as well as some thoughts on forging more justice in this area, will be examined in greater detail in my upcoming webinar of the same title, happening at the end of August, 2014!  The sections in this post are various short excerpts from a essay I wrote in an anthropology theory […]