Musings For Today: On Returning to School, Being Transparent, The ILCA, Equity, and the Limitations of Inclusion

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Well, the summer has come to an end, and school starts in just a few days. What is in store for me? I will be honest when I say there are particular attitudes and challenges I face that remind me that Black women are not supposed to be in school. Because being present is a direct threat to the […]

School official refuses to dismantle white supremacist breastfeeding curriculum

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Think back to last year and the ‘white breastfeeding policy.’ Do you recall when I enrolled in the PEBL (Professional Education in Breastfeeding and Lactation) course, in order to obtain a Certified Lactation Educator Certificate (CLE)? Do you recall how excited I was before class began, an enthusiasm that quickly diminished on the first day, when it […]

I’m getting my PhD because I’m a ‘minority’ and the university needs to fill a quota!

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Yep. She said it! But you knew this was coming, right?! This came from the same woman who told me she could care less about MLK Day because it does not impact her. Well, her ‘words of wisdom’ this time was that the university I’m entering this Fall needed to fill a quota, which is why […]

RACE MATTERS! Why I AM A ‘Reverse Racist’. And Why I Won’t Stop Criticizing Whiteness — In Breastfeeding AND Beyond

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  For the past few days, I’ve been walking around feeling pretty upset. I went to a friend’s birthday party on Saturday night, and even though I already felt slightly weirded out about being around all but two people I didn’t know, this was confirmed after being in a room of white people, who foolishly […]

Prescription Infant Formula, and White Privilege and Inequality. OH MY!

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Well, apparently I’m a racist, hateful and clueless Bitch, who just doesn’t “Get it!” according to the near 60 people who chimed in. Keep in mind this was before one of the admins of the Target Nurse-in page deleted the article I attached to the facebook wall — which is truly unfortunate, or I’m sure there would have been […]

Prescriptions REQUIRED for Infant Formula? Say WHAT?

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Someone from the Target Nurse-in facebook page that was created as a meeting place for the recent nation-wide protest that happened last week, made a suggestion. The suggestion, one I’m still trying to wrap my brain around, was that infant formula be available only via prescription, and this person not only believed formula be available only […]

New Books :: On Breastfeeding, White Women, and Idealism, and Idealizing White Women Who Breastfeed (Slide Show)

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I went to the library’s bookstore (if that makes any sense). There is a bookstore sponsored by the library that is filled with used texts, which I assume are donated or previous editions the library has since upgraded. I headed directly for the breastfeeding section, of course. The prices are fantastic. I ended up paying […]