Thanksgiving? Take Back Native Culture. Take Back #Breastfeeding!

'I make milk. What's your superpower?'
I make milk… What’s your superpower?

I don’t celebrate the spawn of the Native American holocaust, an avenue towards the eruption of a capitalist system, European conquest, sexualized terrorism of Indigenous women, global white supremacy among other things that has been deemed today — this ‘holiday.’ But I do stand in solidarity with various Indigenous groups of this land who share a similarly unique and complex history.

After I did a quick google search, I found the article that initially aided to thrusting me into my breastfeeding journey, nearly three years ago — which since then has been the love of my life. This was right after I heard that whisper breastfeeding that I will never forget, that literally had me thinking about it day and night, not knowing why. When I logged onto facebook some time after that and saw that the Native American Culture page I subscribe to had sent the article about Breastfeeding’s role in taking back Native Culture through my feed, I clicked — something I would never have done had I not been spiritually prodded earlier.

I didn’t really understand how much I appreciated this post until after the fact. Back then what caught my eye was my interest in seeing how Native Americans ‘take back culture,’ and since I had had breastfeeding on my mind for a little while I was drawn to it. Aside from discussing the practical aspects of health, it purposely touches on the political and historical inequity through the lens of Native American breastfeeding, and sheds some light on ways to challenge this product of colonization that has continued to, among many things, position itself in the delicate space between infant and breast, but acknowledges that there is a power that can be reclaimed — with social, cultural and community support. And breastfeeding is an avenue towards this. 

I really hope you can carve out some time to read it. Hopefully it will inspire you of the continued need to work towards justice and equity — and set you on your own journey.

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