The Breast Crawl (Video)

For some strange reason, I recently woke with an insatiable urge to research the breast crawl. Why? Why not? Well, I’m not sure exactly. It is possible because I only know very little about the it, and from what I’ve noticed, haven’t seen or heard of it applied to many situations.

In case you are unfamiliar with the breast crawl, it is a method where immediately after birth a baby is placed on the mother’s abdomen instead of the mother holding the baby in the usual cradle position — and the baby initiates breastfeeding by finding its way to the nipple. If I’m not mistaken, it is said that the baby has a greater sense of autonomy from finding its way to its food source. But this information could be incorrect.

My search for more information has begun, but I have some lingering questions like: Where did this practice initiate? Why don’t we see it more often? Why is it when I look something up it is usually a practice by women who are not from or in N. America?  Does it hurt the new mother’s stomach to have a baby on top of her? Can it work after a Cesarean? Do you only use the breast crawl once after birth, or can babies do this throughout infancy? What happens with twins? Of course my mind works this way, but hey, I think they’re good enough inquiries! Well, I am on a search to find more info, and if you know of any, please don’t hesitate to throw it my way!

Have you, or do you know of anyone who has ever practiced the breast crawl?

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