I am currently taking commitments to facilitate workshops on Black breastfeeding. The title and information is below, and if you have any other questions then you can use the contact form or email me: acquandastanford(at)gmail(dot)com

Workshop Title: Legacies of African American Breastfeeding

Length: 2 hours

Cost $1,500 USD + all accommodations (air, hotel) & fees.
Facilitation date is secured with 50% deposit. Full balance must be submitted 14 days prior to engagement. There are no refunds unless canceled by facilitator.


For the past 400 years, Breastfeeding among and about Afro-descendant women in the United States – has been a topic of explicit attention. These highlights encompass areas such as care and community autonomy among Black women, systematic control over reproduction, employment and agency within women’s circles, to the shift in today’s cultural climate where there is a severe disjuncture in this tradition, where roughly only one-half of Black women initiate breastfeeding. Of these, many mother-infant dyads have duration periods lasting only days or weeks, rather than months or years, as many global traditions support. There are many who have questioned the complexities surrounding this tradition. In order to be effective and work towards understanding the various historical and contemporary layers must be examined.

This workshop takes a critical and comprehensive look at the unique and complex history of breastfeeding among Black and African Americans in the United States.

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will have a concrete overview of the vastness of breastfeeding among African Americans from the 1600s to our current time. Participants will be able to utilize this critical information within larger frameworks of breastfeeding and human lactation, gender dynamics, reproduction, race relations, and more.

This workshop is for maternal-infant health organizations, schools and classrooms that focus on reproduction, breastfeeding advocacy groups and organizations, organizations focused on reproductive justice, feminist courses, groups and organizations that highlight race relations, gender, and social justice.

Supplies needed:
Projector and screen.
Chalkboard (optional, helpful but not required)
Table and chairs

For participants:
Pen & paper for taking notes and for writing activities.

About Acquanda: Acquanda is a critical decolonial Black feminist anthropologist, Certified Lactation Educator, and a doula. She is a PhD Candidate of sociocultural anthropology and holds a bachelor’s in anthropology, masters in anthropology – and even her two-year degree from community college focused on anthropology. Acquanda’s political and academic work highlights Black feminist theories as well as theories of race and gender relations, and highlights the holistic aspects of breastfeeding among Black and African Americans in the United States, with a focus on the state of Mississippi and a concentration in the Delta. She is a community organizer, founder and Head Negress in Charge of the Seattle/Black Feminist Library.


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I have an extensive history of writing. These areas include doing so for personal reasons that assisted with perfecting my craft. I have written prolifically on personal and public blogs, for academic research papers and for online magazines. I have taught Interdisciplinary writing courses at the college level, and have superior critical thinking skills and an ability to contextualize and converge areas that seem to diverge. 

My areas of specialization include:

Academic Research
African American History
Black Feminism
Breastfeeding and Human Lactation
Race and Gender
Reproductive Justice
Women's Studies