Would you drink your sister’s?

I was looking at the latest post on the Blacktating blog and saw a post on the famous Mowry twins, Tia and Tamera, who apparently have a reality show. In the episode, Tia, who recently had a baby, convinces Tamera to try a freshly-pumped cup of her breastmilk. Well, after a bit of reluctance not only did Tamera try it, but she liked it  — comparing it to chai tea.

I found it funny reading some of the comments about this. Though on the Blacktating blog there were no real reactions of disgust since most of the readers are breastmilk advocates, others said it’s OK since they are twins, and they may be willing to try a sip but not a full glass. And then you just know there are plenty of others freaking out over this — right before they’re off to drink their pus/ fecal matter/hormone- injected cow’s milk, that is. Well, I can tell you this; I do have a twin sister, and I would probably try her breastmilk. I wonder if Tia has ever tried her milk herself.

What are the reasons you would or would not try mother’s milk?